Valentino’s Ghost

This is music I composed for Michael Singh‘s film Valentino’s Ghost. Having gone to Hollywood High School, the image of Rudolph Valentino’s sheik is something close to my heart and very familiar to me, as the sheik was the school’s mascot. In those days the image of the sheik and the romance of the arab world was a thing of beauty. In this film, director Michael Singh, examines the transformation of the image from mystic to terrorist.

It was a pleasure to work on the music, which I created from samples and found objects such as national anthems, world voice samples, and clay pots. I would like to dedicate the music to my brother Daoud al Ynda.


6 thoughts on “Valentino’s Ghost”

  1. I am so glad I found your Twitter account and website. I had been wondering what you ladies have been up to. Now that I know you are still creating beautiful music – I will be sure to come back to this page, often.

    My favorite track is Gods and Ghosts. It’s sad, mysterious, and riveting at the same time; and the strings are exceptionally beautiful.

  2. Thanks.
    Really great pieces of music.
    I love the atmospheres you create.
    We want more! We want more! ;o)

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